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As someone who embraces the admonition to always believe that something wonderful is about to happen, I am constantly on the lookout for signs. I am not a serious believer in astrology and I doubt that those who are will approve of my habit, but over the last many years whenever I found a horoscope that suggested good things lie in my path, I cut it out and saved it for inspiration on a day strewn with obstacles.  Expectations provide the groundwork for accomplishments. Here are a few promised days of good fortune that might also please you. Use them as needed.

  • Three planets are in your sign now, attracting attention from important people as well as favorable circumstances. It’s your month to shine.
  • This is a marvelous year for educational opportunities, travel, and exploring other cultures and different countries. Expect new adventures!
  • Whatever you’ve been waiting for, whatever you’ve been considering, whatever you’ve been preparing to do, now is the time. The precious present has arrived. It’s time for you to launch your mission. No more conceptualizing, contemplating or correlating. Take action! Mount your courage and get into the game. It’s the only way you’re going to win.
  • Lucky Jupiter is in your sign for the whole year. This means your year ahead will be unusually fortunate and filled with fun times and good opportunities.
  • This is a positive, upbeat, happy day for you. You feel enthusiastic about something and hopeful about your future. Relations with sibling and daily contacts are fun and enjoyable.
  • Your energy is very strong now. Moreover, people and favorable circumstances are attracted to you. Make the most of this!




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