Guacamole Creed

Part 1

Todd Hart, my fellow member of AATH (Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor) is living proof that the relaxed mind is a creative mind. While indulging in a sensory deprivation float tank a while back, he came up with his Guacamole Creed. You can read more details about it here, but it essentially stands for Gratitude, Understanding, Awareness, Compassion, Acceptance, Openness, Love (also laugh and light), and Evolving. Those strike me as worthy words to live by.

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Part 2

Ever notice how one thing leads to another? While looking for a photo to go with the Guacamole Creed post, I found the Halloween costume  at left which led me to thinking about the hugely pregnant woman who came to a costume party I once co-hosted as a the ballerina who should have danced all night. The funny site I was perusing was The Washington Post Style Invitational Devotees Facebook page, which is always good for a laugh, and included this ditty about a costume party:

Host: What are you?

Guest: A harp

Host: You’re too small to be a harp.

Guest: Are you calling me a lyre?

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