Dancing the Light Fantastic

godvine-light-balance-americas-got-talent-audition-golden-buzzerWe’ve talked about light shows on buildings, pathways, and trees, but it turns out that dancers can also be lit.  The troupe Light Balance appeared on America’s Got Talent and wowed both judges and the audience. Their fast-paced routine is performed in the dark with lights on their clothes and faces that change so rapidly that it is hard to tell just how many performers there are (9), and where on the stage they will pop up next. It’s amazing that they never seem to trip over one another, and even more dazzling are the ever-changing light patterns on their bodies. Explanations cannot do them justice. Do click on this video demonstration. light-balance-dance-group

At the time of this writing, very little is known about the all-male members of Light Balance except that they are all from the Ukraine with day jobs as computer performers who hope their uniquely creative act will give them as opportunity to escape their troubled homeland and bring their families to the U.S. May their dreams come true!

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