Carl Warner loves his vegetables

English photographer Carl Warner first crossed my path sometime before his first coffee table book Food Landscapes was published in 2010. He said then that his initial intent was to make eating vegetables more appealing to his children. Today he still hopes that his “Foodscapes” (his word) will promote healthy eating, and he prefers his scenes of smoked salmon and curly kale to the occasional delightful Candy Land he has also created.

foodscapes-carl-warner-2-10But the most satisfying result of his work for him is the smiles it generates as viewers do a double take. Whoa, everything in the scene is (or once was) edible, from the cumin road, to the broccoli trees, bread mountains, cauliflower clouds and sugar waterfall. The exception is the blue backdrop – there just aren’t a lot of blue foods to work with.

Carl Warner is a popular YouTube subject. You will find links on his website (Click on the Candy Land picture, for example) and this one shows how he made his pasta and vegetable balloon with gondola. This one is a montage of his work set to music. You will want to pause often to more closely examine each image. You can also buy prints of his work here. He provides hours of feast and fun and delights both eye and palate.


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