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Deb Gauldin

Deb Gauldin, RN is a professional speaker and humorist who uses funny lyrics, true stories, and customized cartoons to replenish people who feel overextended and under appreciated – and that’s most of us! Whether visiting a rural hospital of depleted non-English speaking nurses in SE Asia or helping American nurses use humor to cope with the stress of integrating new technology, Deb sees first hand the way humor and laughter transcend differences, deepen relationships and ultimately make our world healthier and happier. Learn more about the Funniest Singing Nurse at www.debgauldin.com.

Kathy Laurenhue


Kathy Laurenhue applies her sense of humor primarily in the field of aging. As a multi-media curriculum developer, she gives serious subjects an element of lightheartedness. A course on continence care for people with dementia began by noting, “We can’t be anal about this.” As the creator of hundreds of brain-stimulating activities, her focus is on connecting participants rather than right answers. She figures it’s more fun, less-threatening, and more conducive to conversation to write a trivia quiz on the history of beer than the geology of Georgia. Learn more at www.WiserNow.com.

A Cheering Word is a joint project of Deb Gauldin and Kathy Laurenhue. Visit their other websites:

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