A Sunny Mouse in a Stone House

curbmouseThis illustration came to me as a Twitter feed from Wilson da Silva (@wilsondasilva) and the caption “Street art doesn’t have to be large and towering to have an impact.” (pic.twitter.com/2mUYSNEgaC) I love the idea of a mouse with a house on a curb watering a plant out her window. Both the image and the untold smiles it is spreading round the world delight me, and I hope you, too. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find the artist or even where the art is (or was?) located. Mr. daSilva is Australian, but I’m not sure if that is significant. Anyone with a clue to the artist – and any other art she or he might have produced – would be welcome!  In the meantime, what little image of joy might you share today?

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