A Cheering Word

The name for this blog comes from the song:

I hear a bird, a Glocca Morra bird.
 It well l may be, he's bringing me a cheering word.*
Those lines from the Finian’s Rainbow song “How Are Things in Glocca Morra?” by E. Y. Harburg and Burton Lane precisely capture the goal of this blog - bringing you a cheering word.

Watching the evening news can cause us to forget that the world is full of good people and lots of JOY and pure fun. As my primary website www.WiserNow.com makes clear, I am particularly drawn to:

  • Nature – getting outdoors, bringing the outdoors in + funny animals
  • Nurture – Sharing love and kindness
  • Fun – Whimsical stories, word play, human ingenuity . . .

Get it all here! Then check out www.CreatingDelight.com and all the archived posts and other blogs on this site. And share your ideas with me at Kathy@WiserNow.com.

Hear Ella Logan perform the original Broadway version of “How Are Things in Glocca Morra” here!

Brain Game Product Reviews

My formula for the perfect brain game is one that:

  • Is fun to play/experiment with
  • Teaches something new or allows you to use your imagination to make new connections
  • Arouses your curiosity and satisfies it or spurs you on to learn something more

In short, it should help you make new connections in your brain and stronger social connections toward those who play it with you.

I first started this blog many years ago when I was working primarily with people living with dementia and needed ideas for games that didn’t “test” them, but could be adapted for various skill levels. Then I realized flexibility was good for all of us.

Do you have suggestions? Send them to Kathy@WiserNow.com.

Learn more about what we offer for fun at www.WiserNow.com and www.CreatingDelight.com, and what we offer caregivers at www.WiserNowAlz.com

Improv Art

Quirky artists – those who use ordinary media in unusual ways, those who choose unusual media (Think hamburger grease) for relatively traditional art, and those who do both, choosing unusual media for unusual results – have always appealed to me.

I chose to write my Improv Art posts in groups of five, highlighting artists who work with a particular medium such as food, light, paper, and textiles, but there are so many amazing artists in each of my dozen chosen mediums, that you shouldn’t be surprised when one or more receives additional posts.

Art appreciation courses are often quite serious. This is my attempt to make them pure fun – and provide mini-programs for school classrooms and senior centers. Let me know how it goes - and send me your ideas of other quirky artists – at Kathy@WiserNow.com.

Learn more about what we offer for fun at www.WiserNow.com and www.CreatingDelight.com.

Creating Delight Crafts

After writing the book Creating Delight – Connecting Gratitude, Humor, and Play, which includes a LOT of ideas for creating smile “trees” – tangible expressions of things that make you smile – I wanted a place to add other crafts related to unexpected pleasures. Creating Delight Crafts is that place.

I went on a tear writing about making envelopes to fill with greeting cards, trinkets and Good Fortunes, and haven’t focused much on it since then as I devoted attention to A Cheering Word and Improv Artists instead. Those are also about creating delight, and mostly appropriate throughout the year. Please check them out and keep checking back here for new ideas. Learn more about what we offer for fun at www.WiserNow.com and www.CreatingDelight.com.